One thing for sure! there is no quick way to do that. Check permissions with the anti virus like Norton it lock files sometimes. Here’s a link to protect files and folders and sometimes allows you to get files open.
This is the link to tools that will allow you to get to lost passwords.
Also Can’t open Tools > Internet Options
Use Regedit.exe and search for NoBrowserOptions and remove it.
It is most likely to be here (but not necessarily)
If you are unfamiliar with Regedit, then ensure you know how to
restore your Registry in case of error and it is a good to export any
key before deleting.

Check the startup (Start-Run-MSCONFIG-Startup tab) for any unknown
items if it is reset on reboot.

You might try this snippet from Mike Burgess first if you use SpyBot:
‘Did you by chance run SpyBot’s Immunize feature?
If so, you can unlock by unchecking the option to “Protect IE Control

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