Open WordPress and then select the phpMyadmin utility in WordPress. If phpMyadmin is not available on the installed version of WordPress please download and install the plug-in.
Select the link to the WordPress database that contains the URL. With the phpmyadmin plug-in active, choose the WordPress database from the list of available databases in phpmyadmin.
Locate the “wp_options” table from the list of database tables. Choose the “Browse” option button once the “wp_options” is selected. A dialogue box will appear that contains the lists with the “wp_options” table. Find the “Siteurl” which is listed under the field “option_name”.
Choose the “Edit field” option located at the left side of the first row. In the “Edit field” dialogue box, change the WordPress URL to the correct WordPress URL. After the URL is changed, Select “Go” to save the changes.
Edit the “Home” field in the “wp_options” table. In the “wp_options” table, locate the “Home” field. Once located choose the “Edit field” button. In the “Option value” field, enter the new URL. Once the URL is confirmed click “Go” to save the changes. Finally delete the folder entitled “wp-content/cache” located in the WordPress content folder.

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